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Workforce Management / Time & Attendance (T&A)


The most accurate method of collecting attendance data from employees and contractors is by using Biometric Readers.

By identifying a person by one or more of their unique physical attributes, eg their fingerprints, Iris, Face, Hand Geometry or even how they walk ('gate'), you can be assured that it was indeed that person who attended and when. The art of 'buddy punching' where one person clocks in for another is completely eliminated. 

And don't worry about data privacy all the devices we use and supply comply to GDPR regulations!


Having been involved within the industry since 1999, both in the UK and the GCC you can be assured you will receive the best possible product and service from us for all your Time & Attendance requirements.

We don't just supply our own product range but use other reliable solutions from our business partners. The importance to us is that the client gets the best for their requirements,

> Fixed or Flexible Shifts

> Full Flexitime

> Rota Management

> Integration with Access Control / HRMS

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Our solutions provide you with the necessary tools to comply with local legislation, eg;-


EU Working Time Directive


UAE Wages Protection System

The systems we provide are customisable to meet most requirements, whether they are specific to the client or for the relevant legislation.


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