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AAA Intelligent Solutions Ltd forms part of our family of companies with it's roots established back in the 1990's offering our clients the very best in real world solutions utilising the right tech in the right way to achieve the results needed. 

A common-sense approach matched with extensive experience and knowledge provided by us and our strategic partners enables us to provide a solution for most organisations needs.  As well as our own in house products we offer the latest in disruptive technologies and innovations, ensuring complete future proofing and scalability. We won't ever offer one of our products if it doesn't quite fit the need - we take a true holistic approach to every problem.

Our consulting arm, offers a complete end to end service for clients. Using our in depth knowledge in systems and processes, whether it being introducing financial or ERP software or the implementation of a strategy to improve workplace well-being, we pride ourselves in providing the very best in a complete hand-holding service combined with the introduction of the appropriate change management policy and the monitoring and reporting of relevant KPIs to assist the client management in effecting improved efficiencies and long term objectives with the minimal amount of disruption.

Gulf British Ltd (and Gulf British LLC - opening 2021)

Our conduit business to develop collaboration between businesses, organisations and individuals within the UK and GCC. Bringing together all our associated products and services through a one stop shop. Originally established to bring British expertise and solutions to the GCC states, backed by local, pro-active 'on the ground' support we can also offer assistance to GCC organisations wishing to establish a presence within the UK. Our GCC 'hub' will soon be opened within the UAE in order to focus on solutions within the region.

GB Labelling & Systems Ltd

A joint venture between ourselves and one of the leading labelling and barcoding companies within the UK, we are able to offer specialist solutions for sustainable labelling (Linerless Labelling), Food Safety labelling (eg for Allergens and Food Rotation) and dynamic stock management solutions. During 2019 we have launched a number of unique products within these fields:-

Linerless Labelling without the 'tack' - a new technology for producing linerless industrial packaging labels without clogging up the specialist printers. A truly sustainable solution for an ever increasing environmently aware business community. Within the UK alone this has the potential to save in the region of 180 million tonnes of landfill EVERY YEAR, caused by the disposal of traditional labelling products!

Allergen & Ingredient Labelling - SAFE AWAY is a unique product to provide easy to use, fast and cost effective labelling of food products, with all ingredients shown and allergens highlighted to comply with the new laws being introduced within the UK and EU. 

Specialist Stock Management & Hire Barcoding solution - for the secure, fast and accurate management of high risk equipment (eg weaponry, specialist safety equipment etc), backed up with complete auditability and traceability.

Associate Company :  RW Facilities Management Ltd  (

Working closely together, we offer both strategic and tactical assistance, consultancy and solutions introducing Disruptive Technologies & Innovation, with special focus on the FM and property management industry. Using a group of reputable partners we can offer disruptive tech for pretty much any requirement.

Gulf British
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