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Workforce Management / Time & Attendance (T&A)

> Fixed or Flexible Shifts

> Full Flexitime

> Rota Management

> Integration with Access Control / HRMS

We offer both our own in house solutions to those of our carefully selected business partners, or a mixture of both. We only ever want to provide the best possible system.

We offer three levels of product, depending on what your requirements are:


Generally for smaller organisations, or those that have straightforward time & attendance and Absence Recording requirements


For most types of business, incorporating comprehensive working pattern and absence management functionality


For large corporates or multi site organisations

Integration & Retrofitting

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide integrated solutions and where possible retro-fitting hardware and software,in order to achieve the right solution for the client without always having to replace what they already have.  This can save the client considerable time, cost and disruption.

Some integrations we have worked on within the UK and the UAE are:

T&A linked to ;

SAGE Payroll

Honeywell WinPak, DSX, G4 Tech Multi Max, X-Plan, 3GS, IET, Siteguard, Bosch BIS, Hirsch, Chubb and many more Security Access Control Systems. Please call to discuss your exact requirements.

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